poem for you guys, get ready to kiss the sky (beta version)

san diego
is not san severino

well, it’s just san diego hills
don’t forget to send postcards from acapulco

nor romeo and juliet
where the capulets has lost the amulet
and the montagues resides in brokeback mountain

which reminds me,
something similar has happened
when immanuel kant met steve emmanuel

in front of train station
will be a heartbreak station for cinderella
and snow white too

nor rama and shinta
where rama is a drama-rama
and shinta digs ratu kidul and nyi blorong

oh, lovebirds

go forget your small karaoke tape
and leave it in the blue taxi

after you make love in the candis
just stay unbuckled
and let the police give you ticket

as all the taksi putras
and taksi express
they will miss your loneliness
and embrace your happiness

bring your poems
up and down
in sighs, whispers, and grins.

leave all your poems behind
get ready to kiss the sky.

out of the night we come,

1616 29012009


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