poem for you guys, get ready to kiss the sky (beta version)

san diegois not san severino well, it’s just san diego hillsdon’t forget to send postcards from acapulco nor romeo and julietwhere the capulets has lost the amuletand the montagues resides in brokeback mountain immanuel, which reminds me,something similar has happened when immanuel kant met steve emmanuel immanuel, in front of train stationwill be a heartbreak […]

just before the first firecrackers of the fire ox

he has sipped his last winejust outside the temple, in between beggars and thievesjust before the first firecrackers of the fire oxjust and justand just his flute is brokenhis words unspoken “she will come from india”,wishpered a chinese girl in shiny cheongsam,she resembles maggie, in the mood for lovehe has collected quite many lonely heartsin […]

to be an obama fan is far reasonable for indonesians (such as me) because he is an inspiration and has a piece of indonesia in his history; in comparison to adoration towards other foreign idols such as christian bale, cristiano ronaldo, damon albarn etc.

i poured my heartto millions of pictures of unfamiliar facesthat invade our free spacesinposters, flyers, and banners should i stay or should i go?* to ballot boxof2009? (* song by the clash)